2013 Review by Larry O'Toole

8 October 2013

Review by Larry O'Toole

The Hot Rod Gods must have been smiling on all events held over the weekend of 14th and 15th September. What glorious weather we had for the Cranksters Run in Nagambie, Victoria. Then on the Monday the whole east coast was wet, wet, wet!

Getting back to the Cranksters Run. What a great weekend it was with the "Reliability" Run on Saturday and the huge show and shine on Sunday. Lots of fun was had on the run, with "Pirates" stopping all traffic on Kirwans Bridge to gather donations for Camp Quality. For lots of the "fun questions" an educated guess had to do, with some serious questions thrown in. There was certainly plenty to see on Sunday with the extra attendance of rodders just coming for the day, plus other invited special interest vehicles. There were plenty of food vendors (with reasonable prices), good music and good company to share.

At the charity auction held at the end of the day, many interesting items were sold to the enthusiastic crowd. The last item was a tandem parachute jump. Oggie suggested that if enough money was raised, Norm Hardinge could "Take the Plunge!" Well there were hands shooting up left right and centre, and soon a good sum had been raised. Norm was not impressed. So next year he is going to get even with Oggi. If for no other reason, it will be worth going to this run just to see what "pain" Norm will inflict on Oggi! Put it in your calendar now.

Larry O'Toole